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Fayette County, TN Somerville and Fayette County, Tennessee
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Fayette County was named after the Marquis de la Fayette, French hero of the American Revolution. Its county seat is Somerville. It is considered part of the Mississippi Delta and was a major area of cotton plantations dependent on slave labor in the nineteenth century. Historically, the economy of Fayette County has been based on agricultural production of corn and in recent years agricultural diversification has occured, with soybeans becoming an important cash crop, followed by beef cattle, dairying, and egg production.

Visitors can enjoy the beauty of the Wolf River Wildlife Management Area and the Ghost River State Natural Area. Herb Parsons Lake was named in honor of Herb Parsons, a world champion Winchester rifle exhibition shooter. The best-known outdoors event of the county is the National Field Trials for bird dogs, which has been held annually since 1903 on the historic Ames Plantation in southeast Fayette County.

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