Lake County, Tennessee
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Lake County, TN
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Lake County is situated between the quiet mystique of Reelfoot Lake and the majestic vista of the Mississippi River. Lake County is located in the northwest corner of Tennessee and is the home to the Port of Cates Landing.

Reelfoot Lake State Resort Park, located in Lake and Obion counties, contains about 18,725 acres, 18,000 of which are water. The area is said to be the greatest hunting and fishing preserve in the nation. During the winter months, bird watchers view the American bald eagles that make their seasonal homes there. Park naturalists conduct daily eagle tours and have special weekend programs. In addition to the bald eagle, the park harbors almost every other kind of shore and wading bird. It also produces many species of flowering and non-flowering plants and cypress trees that attract botanists from all over the country.

Despite a Chickasaw Indian legend that credits "the wrath of their gods" with the lake's creation, historians record that Reelfoot Lake was created by a series of severe earthquakes during the bitter cold winter of 1811-12. Landslides swept down the bluffs, large areas of land were uplifted and still larger areas sank. As the land subsided the water poured over in one of the large sunken areas and filled the basin. The large pool gradually grew placid and Reelfoot Lake was born.

Reelfoot Lake offers a large variety of motels, inns and restaurants. The park also features campgrounds, swimming pools, fishing, boating, picnic areas, a museum and auditorium.

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