Meigs County, Tennessee
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Meigs County, Tennessee


Meigs County, TN
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Like all small counties who have at least "one claim to fame" Meigs County has a unique claim. Out of all 95 counties in Tennessee, Meigs County is the only one that never had a railroad. Shipping was the transportation mode when the county was formed in 1836. At that time, the powers in charge saw no need to bring bad things in by rail. The Tennessee and Hiawassee Rivers provided enough transportation.

Presently, the 40 mile long and 10 mile wide county still has only one incorporated town named Decatur, the county seat. The town is situated at the western base of No Pone Ridge, an elongate ridge characteristic of the Appalachian Ridge-and-Valley Province. Just west of Decatur, the Tennessee River flows around a blunt peninsula known as Armstrong Bend. This section of the river is technically part of the river's Chickamauga Lake impoundment.

The town of Ten Mile is primarily a summer cottage community on Watts Bar Lake. It includes summer cottages, small locally owned stores and restaurants, a bank, marinas, resorts, churches, and a Post Office (ZIP code 37880). The nearby TVA Watts Bar nuclear plant (in bordering Rhea County), and Watts Bar Dam spanning the Tennessee River across the Meigs County and Rhea County lines have played, and continue to play, an important role in the local economy.

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