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According to custom, Middle Tennessee consists of that portion of the state east of the Tennessee River's western crossing of the state and west of the dividing line between the Eastern and Central time zones. Exceptions to this rule are that Hardin County, Bledsoe, Cumberland and Marion counties. Because of these exceptions we have divided the state into 4 regions and we call this one West-Central Tennessee. It includes Nashville.

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Middle Tennessee is characterized by rolling hills and fertile stream valleys. Its principal city is Nashville. Other major sizeable cities in Middle West-Central Tennessee include Clarksville and Murfreesboro. Middle Tennessee hits thrill seekers with Nashville Superspeedway races, Tennessee Titans football games and a gallery of golfing greens. Equestrian admirers can horseplay along the Tennessee Walking Horse Trail. Make a toast to two of America's most famous whiskey distilleries, Jack Daniel and George Dickel. And, of course, visit downtown Nashville, Music City USA.

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