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White County, TN
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Sparta, the county seat and principal town and commercial point of White County, is situated on the left bank of Calfkiller River, in a beautiful valley at the foot of and about five miles distance from the Cumberland Mountains.

From rambling farms that hearken back to a simpler time, to a musical heritage that has brought the area renown as one of the nation's top resonators of the bluegrass roots movement, White County and Sparta, TN, have become a haven for history buffs, music fans and nature lovers alike. White County has become one of the nation's top resonators of a musical genre that is described as a "bluegrassroots" movement. It is in these low-lying valleys and high-flying hills, alongside these calling creeks and rolling rivers and around these woodlands and waterfalls that one can hear the high-pitch, close-knit harmony of voices, guitars and banjos -- sending out that unmistakable sound of bluegrass and enabling the area to be called Bluegrass USA.

Blue Spring Cave, located five miles northeast of Sparta, is the longest mapped cave in Tennessee and the tenth longest cave in the United States, with 35 miles (56 km) of passages. The footprints of extinct Pleistocene (Ice Age) jaguars were discovered in the cave in 1990.

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